Dr Padma Rahulan
Founder / Chief Executive Officer
Griffin College London


Dr Padma Rahulan MBA Human Resources; Phd Bharathanatyam
Founder / Chief Executive Officer – Griffin College London
Dr Padma Rahulan oversees day to day operations ensuring that the Organisation delivers the services and strategies specified and that key performance indicators are met.

With her contributions in various areas, she has greatly enhanced the intellectual and cultural life of the Country, and has been recognised as a South Indian Performing Arts Artist and as a leading advocate for art education. She has devoted herself to enhancing and introducing children in arts and working with other communities in UK by spreading Performing Arts, Culture and heritage.

She established Griffin College London and implemented grade examination system in Classical Indian Dance, Carnatic Musical Instruments and Percussion Instruments, Promoted the Classical Indian Fine Arts Examination to the people across UK.

Dr Padma Rahulan has designed and developed Syllabuses and Specifications for 20 Qualifications on Indian Classical Dance and Indian Carnatic Music Qualifications.

She has written and published Theory and Practical Books on Bharathanatyam from Grade 1 to Diploma and Carnatic Vocal / Instruments Grade 1 to Diploma to support the students to prepare for the Examination. To standardise the Quality and standards across the board, she published Best practices books for Examiners / Teachers / Centre Coordinators.

She is very passionate, and her vision is to obtain the recognition for Indian Performing Arts Qualifications similar to the Western performing arts qualifications to support the students to gain credits towards their university progression.
She worked tirelessly to reach the milestone and achieved recognition, accreditation for the Classical Indian Performing arts qualification’s similar to Western Performing Arts qualification, which carries the same weightage and points for the Students towards their university progression.

Griffin College London’s vision is to provide entrée to all students intellectually demanding gratifying qualifications, which they can use to forward their academic studies and provide benchmarks to demonstrate their level of proficiency.

We recognise that students have different reasons for learning Fine Arts. We provide different pathways for Graded and Vocational training desire through:
Grade 1 to Master’s Degree in Indian Classical / Carnatic Performing Arts.
We offer qualifications in Dance, Music and Instruments at Levels 1-3 with an Artist and Entrepreneur Development qualification at Level 4 as a progression route.

Some of our qualifications count as equivalent to GCSE and are included in Department for Education Performance Measures.
Our team is a blend of exceptional talent and diverse cultures who take a creative and enthusiastic approach to the work that we do and we like seeing the same passion in all of our staff.

Griffin College London Fine Arts Qualification certificates for candidates provide the benchmark across the world.

We hope you enjoy using our material and taking our qualifications.

Best Wishes,
Dr. Padma Rahulan