Organisation Structure

Our headquarters is based in Coventry, which houses our Senior Management Team of Chief Executive Officer, Finance and Operations Officer, Human Resources Officer, IT officer, Quality Assurance Officer, Faculty Board Officer, Auditor, Customer Service Officer, Marketing Officer , which sits for the meeting three times a year, usually once within each Term and responsible for the strategic direction and the policy of the Organisation. At present the Executive Team consists of members from a variety of professional backgrounds relevant to the work of the Organisation.

A scheme of delegation is in place and the day-to-day responsibility for the provision of the services rests with the Chief Executive Officer, ensuring that the Organisation delivers the services and strategies specified and that key performance indicators are met.

Executive Team have responsibility for the day-to-day operational management of Griffin College London , individual supervision of the staff and also ensuring that the team continues to develop its skills and working practices in line with good practice.

Finance and Operations Officer oversees the preparation of the budget, monitors the financial performance of the Organisation, and ensures that proper accounts are produced showing a true and fair view of the financial position. Human Resources Officer is responsible for the review the size, structure and composition of the Administration and to advise on an overall framework and broad policy for remuneration of Griffin staff.